Director of photography

Lila Javan

Lila Javan has photographed award-winning features, commercials, documentaries and short films for the past twelve years.  Javan has shot ten feature-length films, working in a variety of film media, including 35mm, HD and Red.  She collaborated with Wade Gasque on “Tiger Orange” The film premiered on July 18, 2014 at Outfest. Her feature, "BENEATH THE BLUE," starring Ivana Milicevic, David Keith and Michael Ironside, was shot on location on Freeport Island in the Bahamas.  "BENEATH THE BLUE," was one of the first productions to utilize Red technology underwater.  Lions Gate released Javan’s film, “VENICE UNDERGROUND,” starring Edward Furlong, Eric Mabius, and Jodi Lynn O’Keefe.  In 2008, Javan won best cinematography for the short film "HUMMINGBIRD," at the Elevate Film Festival in Los Angeles. She worked with Red Digital Cinema developing their groundbreaking “REDucation X” program, a hands-on, highly focused educational program that teaches the technical skills of digital movie making, with the practical skills of creating real projects with those tools. In addition to her narrative work, Javan has directed and shot documentaries, drawing on her passion for cultural anthropology and human interaction. “HOPE & FEAR EGYPT ON THE TIPPING POINT” was shot in Cairo in 2012. The film follows the lives of four young activists involved in free speech, community development, media and women’s rights, and artistic initiatives. “HOPE & FEAR” looks at the characters’ personal journeys as they struggle to navigate through difficult terrain, hindered by an oppressive military regime, violence, instability, and growing sectarianism.   “VISION FORCE UGANDA," was shot in Kampala in 2009. The film chronicles the nonprofit organization, Vision Force Uganda (VFU).  VFU teaches leadership, and entrepreneurial skills to the youth, giving them inspiration to create immediate and ongoing change in their lives and the tools to tackle the issues facing them including poverty, war and the HIV/AIDS epidemic Javan has worked as camera operator on projects including “DIRTY,” starring Cuba Gooding Jr., and as second unit director on “EYE OF THE DOLPHIN,” where she shot both above and underwater. Javan developed her photographic eye at the University of Arizona, where she earned her BA in photography and cultural anthropology.  In 2000, she received her MFA in cinematography at the American Film Institute, where she was awarded a Woman in Film grant for her studies.